Trial Classes

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We offer your first session completely free of charge so you can decide if gymnastics is something you would like to continue with. We aim to give you a taste of what you could be enjoying on a weekly basis. The children will start their session with a pulse raising activity followed by some stretches that will prepare them for the session ahead. Following on from the warm up they will rotate round 3 different bits of apparatus in the session. The apparatus rotate each week and so do the skills that they work on so children should never be bored. The different apparatus they will try are: Vault/Trampette (For all things running & jumping) Bars (If you enjoy swinging then bars is for you) Beam (All things balance) Floor/Tumble (Handstands, cartwheels, round offs).

After your trial session your child will also begin their badge work. Badges are a great way to monitor progress and keep children motivated. The badges start at level 8 and work down to level 1. There are 10 skills on each level and once your child can complete all of them they will pass the badge and move onto the next. You have the option to purchase certificates and cloth badges once they have passed a level. You can find more information on our badge page. Once all the levels have been completed they will progress to advanced badges where they will receive their own personal progress folder.

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