Young Leadership Academy 

LGC are proud to announce the launch of their new young leadership academy that will allow young people to get involved in and learn about what it takes to be a coach. Our aims are to build basic work skills, confidence and fundamental technical knowledge of gymnastics. The academy is aimed at children between 12 and 16 and is split into two levels. The first being level 1 which is completed between the age 12-14 and Level 2 being between 14-16. By the end of your level one you will look to complete your first coaching award which is the core profiency award. By the time you turn 16 you will be ready to take the British Gymnastics Level 1 Coaching Award. The training focuses on some of the following:

·      Professionalism

·      Planning and the importance of goal setting

·      Health and safety

·      Core proficiency and advanced awards

·      Warmups and cool downs

·      Personal development

For more information of what is required from you to join the academy please click below to download our information pack. 

 You can start your application down below. We look forward to hearing from you.