Sarah Myers

Experience in gymnastics?

I don’t really come from a gymnastics background although I did go to a Rythmic Gymnastics Club at school before it even became an Olympic Sport ! I’m a gym mum and because it’s too far to go home whilst my daughter trained I started helping out. In 2019 I decided to put what I’d learned from my endless questions into practice and took the Award Scheme Coaching Course. I now coach recreational and preschool classes and warm up and cool down some of the squad gymnasts.

Why do you coach?

I enjoy coaching because no two sessions are the same. I enjoy the challenge of helping gymnasts overcome barriers and love watching the pride they have when they achieve a new skill. Gymnastics helps build self confidence, social skills and determination and I feel lucky to be part of that.

One fun fact?

I used to own a flower shop. 

If you could choose a super power, what would it be?
I’d like to be able to time travel so then I could spend the evening at gym but still be home in time for tea with my family.