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Providing Quality Gymnastics To Luton, Dunstable, Houghton Regis, Harpenden And Caddington.

We are proud to welcome you to the Luton Gymnastics Club, a growing gymnastics club for children and young people in Bedfordshire.

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Covid - 19 Luton Gymnastics Club Update 20th March 2020


 I regret to inform you that Luton Gymnastics Club are now closed until further notice. 


This is in line with today’s government announcement.



We will be in touch regularly through our social media pages. If you have any queries relating to this action then please e mail us at and we will get back to you over the next week.


Covid – 19 Luton Gymnastics Club update. 19th March 2020


We have received notification from the Stockwood Park Academy that our booking has been cancelled and therefore we will not be able to run our classes from this venue with immediate effect. We shall therefore move all classes to our 6 Concorde St Luton LU2 0JD site. To minimise any confusion, we will keep the class start times the same. As many parents have now made the choice to self-isolate our class sizes are considerably smaller than normal. You do not need to notify us if you will be attending.

If the government proceed to a lock down situation then all classes will cease with an immediate effect. We will of course notify members regarding this.

In such an event it is the clubs hope that we can continue to interact with club members through social media providing parent and members with ideas and challenges that would be safe to practice at home. We will look to operate a badge pass system where you can forward videos of skills that are on the badge sheets, which, if done properly can be passed on your badge progress.

We would encourage parents to continue with their monthly fees either in full or partially in order that the club’s financial commitments can be met. I appreciate that as more people are affected in their work, their financial commitments may not allow this, and each member parent will need to consider their position.

In order that we can keep track of our situation please notify us if you intend to isolate and stop your payments. If you choose to isolate but are ok to continue with your monthly payment, then you do not need to notify us unless you wish to do so. Please e mail on

As this is such an uncertain time it is impossible to see what LGC will look like at the end of all of this. We are a strong Club with solid foundations, and I am confident that we will be fine. It is hoped that as many members as possible will return to the club as soon as they are able. Anyone attending who has isolated and suspended payment will be required to e mail details of their return as this cannot be an automatic process whilst we are consolidating both sites.

Kind regards

Helen Matthews


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Gymnastics For Everybody

 We believe that gymnastics has something to offer everyone. It is a sport which can be enjoyed just for fun, for the physical exercise or at a competitive level. Each gymnast at the Luton Gymnastics Club is valued equally, irrespective of the level at which they participate. At the LGC we develop our gymnasts through the British Gymnastics Award programme, progressing on to the Advanced Awards and Competitions at General level both at County and Regional events.